Desert Valley Advanced
Pain Management

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Suite 160
Phoenix, AZ 85029

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Desert Valley Advanced
Pain Management

Welcome to Desert Valley Advanced Pain Management

             DR James H Diede, M.D., DABPM

We are a caring organization that is committed to providing patients with innovative pain management services. We strive to deliver the most advanced, minimally invasive, diagnostic and therapeutic services to enable our patients to restore function, resolve the pain and restore the person.

We are a fully integrated, comprehensive pain management clinic with state-of-the-art equipment available on site. Services are provided in a caring and compassionate environment. Our staff represents the best in training and the variety of specialties needed for total pain management. Our treatment team includes board certified physician, nurse practitioners, and specially trained ancillary personnel to assist our patients. These specialists work as a team to evaluate your needs before recommending a personal treatment plan that encompasses your total care. 
When chronic and persistent pain affects your quality of life and makes you unable to function, you need professional help to stop the pain and
get your life back.

At Desert Valley Advanced Pain Management we understand what you’re going through and know how devastating chronic pain can be. We realize that patients suffering from chronic pain may be experiencing occupational disability, diminished quality of life, and even depression.
If this sounds like what you’re going through, don’t give up hope: the professionals at Advanced Pain Management Arizona have successfully treated thousands of patients and helped them return to a normal life free of chronic pain, and we can help you too.

Desert Valley Advanced Pain Management offers a comprehensive range of treatments and have made it our mission to provide effective and innovative pain management solutions so patients can reduce their chronic pain, eliminate their dependence on drugs, and return to an independent lifestyle. Desert Valley Advanced Pain Management promises to deliver the most technologically advanced, minimally invasive diagnostic and therapeutic services currently available, all in a supportive and caring environment that contributes to your recovery and well-being so you can get back to your daily routine as soon as possible.

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